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Chères et chers collègues,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que Matthieu Degot soutiendra sa thèse réalisée au LIBM (Université Lyon 1) le 30 novembre 2022 à 14h00 à la Bibliothèque Universitaire de la Doua (Villeurbanne).

Titre : Evaluation des qualités métrologiques de tests de performance physique pour caractériser le statut fonctionnel de l’épaule saine et blessée chez le sportif

Encadrement : Isabelle Rogowski (co-directrice), Yoann Blache (co-directeur)


Résumé : Physical performance tests are increasingly used for the assessment of athletes upper extremity and more particularly the shoulder region. Due to their recent development, the current knowledge concerning their validity is still limited and the characterization of their metrological qualities remains necessary to enable a wide use in a sports and clinical fields. The first aim of this thesis was to assess the statistical and concurrent validity of the outcomes measures drawn from USSPT, modified CKCUEST and UQYBT tests. The second aim was to determine the predictive ability of these physical performance tests on the occurrence of shoulder injuries in a population of high-level rugby players. The last aim of this thesis was to assess the influence of a glenohumeral surgical stabilization by Latarjet procedure on scapular biomechanics. For USSPT, modified CKCUEST and UQYBT tests, our work has defined a procedures and outcomes measures providing high reliability and agreement. Our studies also put forward that, on the one hand, USSPT allows the assessment of the maximal power of the upper limb and, on the other hand, UQYBT involves both stability and mobility qualities of the shoulder complex. Our prospective study has highlighted a weak predictive ability of the outcomes measures drawn from these tests with regard to the occurrence of traumatic injury in elite rugby players. Finally, our work has shown that at three months post-operatively, the anatomical modifications induced by the Latarjet procedure do not lead to any alteration of the kinematics, nor of the neuro-muscular strategies to stabilize the scapula. USSPT, modified CKCUEST and UQYTB tests can be considered as reliable and valid tools to characterize the shoulder functional status of the healthy athlete. However, future investigations will be necessary to demonstrate their contribution to the management of injured athletes.

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