The Society of Biomechanics has set up a sponsorship luncheon. This luncheon is a meeting place for the annual SB congress, which is intended for doctoral and post-doctoral students. This gives them the opportunity to get in touch with a senior researcher and / or SB industrial partner.

The idea is to discuss, in a friendly setting, research questions, academic career goals, professional projects in the industry or any other interesting subject.

Participation at this lunch is free.

To participate, please fill out the application form and prepare an application file composed by

  • A cover letter (maximum 1 page)

  • A short CV (maximum of 1 page)

  • Summary of your research topic (maximum 1 page)

  • A copy of the abstract submitted to the Congress

All these documents must be converted into a single document in PDF format and sent to

The Mentoring Program was set up thanks to the kind support of our partners: BIOMETRICS FRANCE , TRINOMA and BRUKER-JPK INSTRUMENTS, MATERIALISE, VICON