They all successfully completed university with a diploma degree in 2000/2002. Also, in 2000, they persuaded another good friend, René Grünberg, to join the board. Just one year later at the 2001 NanoBioTec conference in Münster, they launched the NanoWizard®, the world's first dedicated BioAFM.
Between 2002 and 2006 the company's revenues increased tenfold and the roadmap for a powerful product line was developed.
In 2006, NanoWizard® II AFM product line came to market and the company was awarded with Deloitte's Fast 50 as Germany's fastest growing nanotechnology company in the same year.
In 2008 JPK launched the NanoTracker™ force-sensing optical tweezers platform followed by the CellHesion® 200 product line.
The NanoWizard® II AFM was followed by the NanoWizard®3 AFM in 2010 and the NanoWizard®4 AFM product family in 2015 with a huge variety of modes and features.

The main objective of JPK is to create new products which answer as closely as possible customer requests in the elaboration of force spectroscope such as CellHesion® 200 and novel fast-scanning upgrades.

In July 2018, JPK joined Bruker, where Torsten Jähnke is now in charge of the development of BioAFM. The first milestone in this new partnership was the release of the NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 2, a microscope which combines innovative solutions from both JPK and Bruker Nano. Together, we will continue to develop with power and passion high-end nanoinstrumentation for modern applications in soft matter and life sciences to serve a growing community of users worldwide.