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Jean VIVÈS (1921-1999) was a French university champion of 400 meters (flat), coach of international athletes, professor at the École Normale Supérieure d’Éducation Physique for more than twenty years, after being a student, and founder of the Revue EP&S, which he ran for half a century until his death.
Practicing and theoretician, he was one of the first in France to train his students in modern techniques, to give them a taste for research, to bring them to frequent foreign texts. Through the review he directed and the publishing center that merged it, he was an outstanding propagator of ideas, inhabited at once by opening an intellectual and a requirement flawless. He was the author of several books on athletics, gymnastics and sports pedagogy, all of which became reference books.
The Académie Nationale Olympique Française wished to pay tribute to him by instituting an award which illustrates the exemplary qualities which were his and which led him to be one of the main actors of the integration of scientific research in the field of sport.
This initiative was part of the awards and prizes initiated by the Académie Nationale Olympique Française for research, pedagogy and social inclusion. Since 2019, this award is organised by the Éditions EP&S under the scientific aegis of the Société de Biomécanique.


Created in 2005 by the Académie Nationale Olympique Française, the Jean VIVÈS Award reward scientific excellence of a young Francophone researcher in the field of sport biomechanics. This prestigious award is delivered annually to a laureate who has demonstrated a high scientific starting point (maximum 5 years post-doctoral thesis defense) and a strong interest in the application of his scientific research to field applications. Since 2019, the Jean VIVÈS Award is organised jointly by the Académie Nationale Olympique Française and the Éditions EP&S.


The Académie Nationale Olympique Française, the Éditions EP&S and the Societé de Biomécanique are responsible for distributing and promoting the widest possible, with the relevant structures, detailed conditions for participation in the Jean VIVÈS Award.


The entrance criteria for the Jean VIVÈS Award are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be French-speaking.
  2. The application file must be written in French.
  3. The applicant must have completed a doctoral thesis between September 1, 2014 and December 31, 2018. Applicants who have had a significant career interruption (e.g. parental leave) during the 6 years following their doctoral thesis defense may produce supporting documents including career break dates and attach them to their file application.
  4. The research activity of the applicant must be conducted in the field of sport biomechanics.
  5. The research activity of the applicant must be original and characterized by scientific excellence.
  6. The applicant undertakes to provide a complete copy of her doctoral thesis if the committee so requests.
  7. The applicant must have submitted an abstract of an original work to the "44th Congress of the Société de Biomécanique".
  8. The applicant, if selected, undertakes to produce a summary of 20 000 characters to be published by the magazine Revue EP&S.
  9. The applicant, if selected, undertakes to present, in a plenary conference, a summary of its research. The costs related to this participation (registration, transport, accommodation) will be at her/his expense.
  10. The applicant, if selected, undertakes to produce a summary of its research to be published in the Book of Abstracts of the "44th Congress of the Société de Biomécanique".
  11. The applicant, if selected, undertakes to participate to the gala dinner of the of the "44th Congress of the Société de Biomécanique" held in Poitiers from 28 to 30 October 2019.


Applications will be reviewed from the only information provided in the application file on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Scientific output: articles, conferences, books, patents or licenses ... The national or international level of the elements indicated will be taken into account.
  2. Impact and innovation of scientific activity in the field of sport biomechanics.
  3. Scientific outreach: awards, honors, invitations to foreign universities, national or international expertise, presentation by invitation to conferences / symposia / workshops / events, participation in editorial boards of international journals.
  4. Scientific responsibilities: student supervision, research programs, organization of conferences / symposiums / workshops, industrial or public contracts ...
  5. Involvement and impact in the sporting environment.


The applicants will have to fill in the application file of the Jean VIVÈS Award.
This duly completed application form will be sent by e-mail in PDF format to Floren COLLOUD (<>). The deadline for receipt is 15 April 2019. The subject of the email must be “Prix Jean VIVÈS 2019”. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to confirm the good reception of each application.


The committee nominates each year the winner of the Jean VIVÈS Award. The committee is composed of eleven members:

Four institutional members whose president or authority can appoint the representative of his choice:

  • Académie Nationale Olympique Française : Alain JUNQUA
  • Éditions EP&S : Yves TOUCHARD
  • Institut National du Sport, de l'Expertise et de la Performance : Audrey PERUSIN
  • Société de Biomécanique : Patricia THOREUX

Seven researchers appointed by the Board of Directors of the Societé de Biomécanique chaired by Valérie DEPLANO:

  • Stéphane BAUDRY
  • Floren COLLOUD
  • Gaël GUILHEM
  • Marlène GIANDALONI
  • Antoine NORDEZ
  • Isabelle ROGOWSKI
  • Cédric SCHWARTZ


The committee will make its decision during the spring of 2019. The decisions of the committee are final. It may also decide not to deliver the award.


The Jean VIVÈS Award includes a certificate and monetary award of € 250. The award prize will be awarded during the gala dinner of the "44th Congress of the Société de Biomécanique".


This Regulation, set for the year 2019, may be amended each year, before December 31st for the following year.


  1. Regulation
  2. Application file


  • 2019: Mathias SAMSON (Poitiers, France)
  • 2018: Franck BROCHERIE (Paris, France)
  • 2017: Yoann BLACHE (Lyon, France)
  • 2016: Marlène GIANDALONI (Annecy, France)
  • 2015: Caroline MARTIN (Rennes, France)
  • 2014: Gaël GUILHEM (Paris, France) et Pierre SAMOZINO (Chambéry, France)
  • 2011: Antoine NORDEZ (Nantes, France)
  • 2009: Mickaël BEGON (Loughborough, England)
  • 2005: Arnaud DECATOIRE (Poitiers, France)